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Season Over

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Oh well, I am gonna try to post something in terms of a season ending recap but for now here is some stuff I stole from other sites.

From Elias Sports Bureau: The Cavaliers beat the Hawks by 20 points in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series, marking the fourth time in the 2009 playoffs that Atlanta has lost by 20 or more points. That sets a new NBA record for most 20-point losses in a single postseason.

From The Association:   “Anyway, the only other thing I got from this series is Mike Woodson’s “who just farted?” face. Call me crazy but if your coach looks confused, panicked and annoyed AT THE SAME TIME… well I’m not feeling too confident.”


Woodson Bibby Exchange

Monday, May 4th, 2009

First of all, congrats to the Hawks for being in the 2nd wound of the NBA playoffs.  Who woulda thounk it.  Hopefully I put my writing shoes on a write a series wrap and/orpreview for the Cavs games.  But for now, from Sekou’s blog over on AJC, comes this exchange between Woody and Bibby.

MIKE BIBBY’S BEST SHOT of the entire first round of the playoffs came before halftime of Sunday in Game 7 and it had nothing to do with his 3-point stroke.

Hawks coach Mike Woodson roasted him for passing the ball to Smith in the corner on in the final seconds. As Smith’s 24-footer bounced off the rim with 10.9 seconds left, Woodson jumped Bibby’s case for making the pass.

The surprise was Bibby’s response. He jumped Woodson right back, much to the delight of those of us sitting close enough to hear the entire exchange.

“If you don’t want me to throw to him put him somewhere else,” Bibby shouted. “He’s wide [@*&$%] open. Wide open. What do you want me to do? If you don’t want him shooting that then put him somewhere else. You tell him.”

After getting it back as good as he gave it, Woodson crossed his arms, did a pirouette and smiled at everyone watching as he strolled back toward the Hawks’ bench.

Woodson said later it was the first time Bibby’s “really lit into” him. And that’s why he was smiling about it. He loved seeing that kind of fire and emotion from his veteran point guard.

Hawks beat Kings: At least we won

Thursday, February 19th, 2009


Hawks 105 Kings 100

The Birds really didn’t want this one but we pulled it out.  The game was actually tied 100-100 with about a minute left when the Hawks decided to let anyone except Kevin Martin beat them and we pulled it out.  Martin was just sick – 32 points on just 17 shots.  He got to the line 17 teams and made 14 of the charity shots.  The Hawks would have lost had this not been a place where Mike Bibby loves to play.  Bibbs had 29 points 5 boards 4 assists and 3 steals (along with 3 turnovers).  I thought Bibby may have been cursed after he scored 12 in the first quarter and ‘Nique said something to the tune of, “Mike is going to have a huge game tonight.”  C’mon ‘Nique we are at game 54 someone has to tell you these predictions are not good for the heart.

But Bibby didn’t let anyone down although he did miss 4 of 9 free throws.  That brings us to the negatives of this game.  Well besides for the fact that we turned a mid 2nd quarter 13 point lead into a 4 point half time deficit to the SACRAMENTO KINGS.  Who probably cannot out bench press the Sacramento Monarchs.  Anyone the Hawks went 22 of 34 from the line for a dreadful 65%.  We are 2nd best of the worst in free shots this year, ahead of the Magic.  I’d rather catch them in the Southeastern division rather then have that distinction.

Other stuff: Joe put in 20 but looked soft again.  I just wish he would go nuts and just score the ball when he wants to.  Al had a nice game with 18 point and 18 boards.  The 18 boards were a season high, 3rd best for high career, and the 18 points were the most he has had with at least 18 boards.  Good job fillin’ the lane for Brad Miller.  Also, Mario had 12 seconds of Pt and recorded a foul.  Way to get in the box score, Mario.

Flip Murray should hopefully be back Friday from the family problems he has had going on.  We are going to need him if we play like we did last night or Tuesday in LA, against Portland Friday.

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Friday, February 13th, 2009