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Weekend Wrap – W vs Nets, L vs Bucks

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

After going 0 for 3 against the Nets to this point, the home team got a nice win (105-88) Friday night at the highlight factory.  Joe and Bibby went for a combined 49, Flip Murray came off the bench for 23 while notching a +22 on the +/- scale.  Definitely a recipe for getting off the snide against Jersey, who we were previously un-undefeated against.  The defense held the slightly better back court tandem of Vince Carter and Devin Harris to 35% shooting.  Getting together for a nice W like this should have led to some momentum leading into the drip to Milwaukee but…

Bucks 110 Hawks 107

The Hawks must have been worn out, and who can blame them, we only have about 2.5 good players right now, and left the effort in Atlanta.  In the Bradley Center, the Hawks were playing plenty of efense (no D), as they allowed the Bucks to 52% from the field.  Another over 40 point performance by Bibbs and Joe, 18 and 11 from Sandpaper, 18 from flip, AND the Hawks shot 82% from the line, but it does not matter when you give up 110 to the Micheal Redd-less Bucks.  This game was not on basic cable in Atlanta, although I did watch the first quarter at a bar.  The Hawks gave up 29 that quarter which was a sign of thing to come.  Coming out after half time, we gave up 34 in the 3rd quarter and that was too much to come back from.   All I can say is hopefully these three days off will help tremendously and that we get Al back on Wednesday in Minnesota, to take some munites away from Randolph Morris.  At least we did get to vist Stotts Era legend T. Lue on Saturday, even though he was a DNP.  We do have this gem from last Friday when we beat the Bucks by 30:

T.Lue and Bibs Billy Knight did have some good ideas…

Look for more updates throughout the week on Stotts Era including previews on Hawks/Wolves Wednesday and Bobcats preview Friday.