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Mr. Candace Parker

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Sheldon Williams is getting some ink these days, as he signed a one year contract (Boston Globe) with the Celtics for the Veterans minimum (1.306 million).  Sheldon is now on his 4th team in the NBA (in 3 years).  I wanted to get some Sheldon reaction to the deal, but apparently he is too busy twittering and I surely will not go through all that nonsense about the LA Sparks to see if I can find some word about his new deal.  Seriously, I know how athletes are big into Twitter and all, but @SheldonWilliams is ridiculous.  Hell of a player fr a #5 pick, thanks Billy Knight.

Offseason Chatters

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Pro Basketball has the Hawks at 11th in their August 1st Power Rankings.  This was about where we hovered around last season in most rankings.  The one team that has made a huge jump since last year and that is also in our division is the Wizards.  I also think the Wizards are going to be much more tough this year and may jump us in the standings.  The Wizards/Hawks match ups will be a lot more fun to watch, at the very least.  The site also mentions that Jamal Crawford, Joe and Bibby is “perhaps most potent backcourt in the league.”  I’d like to see if that turns out to be true, as it seems Bibby is declining.  Crawford in my mind is 50/50 whether he comes out ballin’ or not.  From radio interviews, etc, it seems like he is pumped to be in Atlanta, though.

Al Horford is going to China to participate in the Basketball Without Borders program, so says The Raw Feed.  Al was also chilling out with his old Florida mates yesterday, according to Billy Donovan on Twitter.

Hoopsworld is talking about free agents still remaining, including Flip Murray, who looks like he is going to his home in Philadelphia.  They also mention Joe Smith “giving strong consideration to the Atlanta Hawks.”  The blog also mentions that former Hawks, Mr. Candace Parker, was a possibly replacement for Lamar Odom in LA.  That is funny.

The Bucks waived Salim Stoudamire, reports Inside Hoops.  Why couldn’t he ever be an NBA sharpshooter?  A guess with a 2nd round pick you get what you get…

Hopefully more later…..

Awesome pic with caption

Monday, March 9th, 2009

here. Also nice win tonight.

Shelden to the T-Wolves

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Shelden Williams has been traded along with Bobby Brown to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Rashad McCants andCalvin Booth.  I am sorry you got traded again Shelden at least you are making millions and you date Candice Parker.