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One Dollar Concessions End February 10th At The Highlight Factory

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

This offer started on Martin Luthur King, Jr. Day when we played the Toronto Raptors and goes until February 10th against the Washington Wizards.  These one dollar concessions consist of hot dogs, sodas, and popcorn.  This offer starts when the doors open and before the game starts.  After the game starts the  prices jump back up and will cost you an arm and a leg.

Personally, I think the Hawks are doing this to get people in there seats faster and for people to spend more money inside the arena.  Hell, if I am getting a one dollar hot dog I might as well buy an Acie Law IV Jersey… If I attend a game before this offer ends it will not make me come into the game early..  Why would I do that when I can buy a 5 dollar big gulp at Gorins.  Personally I like to slam two sometimes three big gulps before I enter Philips.  Also, I love to have the option of greasing up my arteries with the fast food restaurant of my choice.   I appreciate the offer Philips, but loading up on one dollar sodas, hot dogs, and popcorn is not for me.  Here’s a thought.. cut  the price of  some of your items, that way people will feel more inclined to buy more items. For, now I am sticking with the CNN center for pregame. Unless of course there is a free Ludacris and Little Jon concert. Thanks.

Not $2, $1 concessions, OKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?