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I don’t know who this is

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Marvin Williams Update and other thoughts

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

First of all:

The Hawks have no immediate timetable for Williams, who missed his third straight game. A third-year veteran who has benefited from more aggressive play and an accurate jumper this season, Williams was examined in Durham, N.C., on Wednesday, but coach Woodson indicated the tests were inconclusive. “I think more than anything he’s going to have to rest and then do core work,” Woodson said. “That’s what I’m hearing.”

What does this mean? Well who cares the Hawks are undefeated with Mo Evans in the starting lineup and Joe Johnson who has turned on the scoring in Marvin’s absence. I really hope we get a fully healthy Marvin back as soon as possible but the birds are looking good right now with streak busting wins against the Pistons, Hornets and Jazz as well as an easy W over the Pacers. I’m gonna give the gold star for these wins to Mr. Joe Johnson. I’ve been sore on him and Smooth lately and I have to give them both credit but especially to Johnson. Thirty points in 3 straight games is nothing to sneeze at and we should praise Joe. This is what a team captain needs to do. When the Hawks have been stuck in this .500ish funk since about New Years its nice to see the superstar taking over, making up for Marvin, and most importantly, making sure there is a one more number in the win column at the end of the day.

Josh Smith….what can you say. He definitely looks better lately. 10 & 5 Friday, 22 & 12 vs the Jazz, 13 & 13 vs the Hornets, and 19& 12 vs the Pistons. Rebounds are fun, eh Josh? That looks good but what is not fun is the field goal and free throw percentages (43% & 67% respectively). That free throw percentage is actually better than his season average and he’s kinda looked good at the line lately but that comes with a price. Ya see, Smooth makes a few free throws and he gains way too much confidence and thinks he now has permission to shoot as many way too far away jumpers as he wants. So that’s bad. But ya know, hustling and getting boards and missing jumpers is better than just missing jumpers so I’ll take it.

Miami is on our heels. I don’t know how but they are. Dwayne Wade is utterly sick if you’ve seen the highlights of the past week (if there is actually voting, Dwayne and Joe should be 1-2 in player of the week). Really I’m glad for Wade, ’cause as the Kobe fan that I am I think maybe Wade can steal some MVP votes from Bron-Bron and the MVP can go to the true best player and MVP in the league Kobe f’n Bryant. Anyways, Miami is on our heels and the tough wins we are getting right now our nice. Honestly, if you told me we would go 2 and 1 vs Detroit, New Orleans and Utah this home stand I would have taken it, but instead we are 3 and 0 and look like a team to contend with. As of right now our Hollinger Odds are 100%. Uhh, that’s pretty good.

All this comes with Bibby in a slump. He hasn’t really recovered since landing with the flu on the west coast swing a few weeks ago (some of us think he got real real drunk partying with old friends in Sacramento – have I told you about the Kings of the early ’00s? Peja, Hedo, Vlade, Pollard, Christie, Bibby. It looked like a holocaust survivors all star team. And the best thing was Adelman always rocked that Hitler stache. Anyways, we digress). It’s nice to be getting some W’s without Bibby clicking but it sure would be even better with him getting more than 2 points and 2 dimes like he did vs Utah on Wednesday.

Marvin Williams – he went to Duke to see a back specialist? Shouldn’t he have gone to Chapel Hill? I really don’t know what to think about this. We are really good without Marvin playing this year, I don’t know how to check the stats but I think we are undefeated. Again, I don’t have the stats to back this up but the Hawks seem to play well with one member of their core five out for the past few years. I can’t explain it but ya know what, who cares? Wins are wins. I could analyze more but we’ll save that for losses and savor the wins. Block party vs the Jail Blazers Sunday (man, I wish they still had Zach Randolph – check this out Clippers video from the other day, makes you glad we’re not bad). We got beat by them a coupla weeks ago, but I think the Hawks played well. Really, not a lot of teams beat the Blazers in the Rose Garden and we looked better than I expected. Hopefully I’ll see you at Phillips on Sunday, I’ll be the one with the JT jersey.

FYI: Former NBDLer Thomas Gardner and Josh McRoberts (for the Pacers) both recorded 1.74 trillions on Friday night. Thats a lot of 0’s, but only victory cigar action for Woodson’s crew.

Joe in the All Star Game

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Rough. At least he got a free meal out of it.

Joe Johnson to Particpate in All-Star weekend H-O-R-S-E Game

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Joe Johson is going to participate in the H-O-R-S-E game during  the NBA All-Star weekend.  To my understanding this game will be played like the traditional H-O-R-S-E game like you play in your back yard.  The other contestants in the contest are Rookie O.J. Mayo and Kevin Durant.  The contest will take place on Saturday on an outdoor court in Phoenix outside the Stadium.  Each player will have 24 seconds to perform a shot, and good thing for Joe Johnson no dunking will be allowed.  Tune into the contest on Saturday on TNT.  Mike Bibby will be participating in the 3-point later on in the evening.

Joe Johnson misses practice Thursday in Charlotte

Friday, February 6th, 2009

According to the Charlotte Observer, Joe Johnson missed practice yesterday when the team practiced in Charlotte.  Coach Woodsen said that Joe may play, but he is a game time decision.  In  order  for Joe to be a game time decision he would have to be in Charlotte.  As of  yesterday Joe was still in Atlanta getting over his viral infection.  Team representatives are not ruling out Joe flying up to Charlotte for the game.

Luckly the Hawks are playing the Charlotte Bobcats and the Los Angeles Clippers to close out their week.  The Hawks dodged one bullet without their superstar Joe Johnson with a 94-86 win over the Twolves.  Obviously, if I knew that we were going to win these next two games I would just sit Joe and let him rest.  However, I am not Emmitt Brown and Coach Woodsen, for what I know isn’t either.  These next two games are very important wins for the Hawks, and I hope they can get it done with or without Joe.  I will be watching closely this weekend and will report back if I have news on Johnson.

Update:  Accoring to the official Hawks notes, Joe Johnson is inactive tonight, as well as Speedy Claxton, who has left knee chondromalacia.  The Bobcat’s note list Augustin as probable.

Joe Johnson To Miss Wednesdays Game Against Twolves,Al Horford Expected to Play, Speedy Claxton is doubtful

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Joe Johnson did not make up the trip to Minnesota due to a viral infection. He has missed the last two days of practice and is listed as day to day. Maurice Evans is expected to start in Johnson’s place. On another note Al Horford made the trip up to Minnesota and is expected to suit up for the first time in 12 games. Al has been side-lined with a bruised knee and has been sorely missed in the interior. He will have his hands full against Al Jefferson, who is averaging 23.2 ppg and 10.6 rebounds a contest.

Hopefully, Joe will only be missing the upcoming contest between the T-Wolves. Maybe Joe can rest his legs and get back to normal, during his absence from the team. Personally I think Flip should get the start against the T-wolves, but that is up to Mike Woodsen who is losing control of the team (According to ESPN The Magazine). Chris and I have not had a chance to read this article, but we will report back when we do. The game tomorrow is a must win for the Atlanta Hawks who have struggled as of late. The next fives games are all potential wins for the Hawks and I would like to see them finish strong heading into the all-star break.

The Hawks have struggled when there starters miss games due to injury. Joe’s illness does not come at a good time and I hope he can suit it up this coming Friday. Whenever one of our starters miss a game we struggle. This is why we need to make a move for a veteran bench player to help when this sort of thing happens. Hopefully before the February trading deadline, we can get this done or sign a free agent.

Also, Speedy Claxton will miss the game.  Speedy has not played in a regular season game, since March 3, 2007.  Apparently, he still has a strained hamstring.  He is still loving Atlanta though collecting about 5.5 million dollars this season.  There is no way you are still hurt Speedy… you really just don’t want to play.  Thanks for nothing.

Hawks vs Nets Preview | Joe Makes All Star Team

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Game: Hawks (26-19 – Lost Last 3) vs Nets (20-26 – Lost Last 2)
Date: January 30, 2009, 7:30 PM
Where: Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA
TV: SportsSouth (Channel 53 on Comcast)
Odds: Hawks -1, O/U 196.5

Last Game: Knicks 112 Hawks 104 on 1/28 in New York
Raptors 107 Nets 106 on 1/28 in East Rutherford

Key Nets:

Scoring Devin Harris (Wisconsin)
Rebounds Brook Lopez (Stanford)
Assists Devin Harris 6.5
FG% Brook Lopez 48.9
FT% Devin Harris 83.0
3PT% Keyon Dooling (Missouri)
Blocks Brook Lopez 1.9
Steals Devin Harris 1.7

Nets Update: One of those “Key Nets” you don’t see up there is Vince Carter (UNC) who seems to always kill the Hawks. He made a looooong three pointer at the buzzard in overtime to beat us last time in New Jersey. In that game, the Nets came out real hungover from New Years Eve (even though the game was on the 2nd) and spotted the Hawks a 20 point halftime lead. It seems the Hawks thought that was a reason to celebrate and came out extremely flat in the second half and allowed the Nets to send it into overtime. Still, the Hawks could have won it until Vince did this.  Vince actually has 21.5 ppg, .1 less than Harris, but is dropping over 25 a game against the Hawks in his career.  So maybe we should try to get a hand in his face better than we did against Nate Robinson.

Tonight, the Nets will be without Yi (China), which at least is something that may give the Hawks a slight edge over their recent struggles with the Nets. The Nets last started Carter, Harris, Lopez, Bobby Simmons (DePaul), and Ryan Anderson (Cal), although Dooling takes most of Anderson’s minutes. Should be a good game and with the Hawks struggles the past week or so, coupled with their struggles all year against the Nets, you gotta like the Nets getting 7 points here.

Hawks Update: We got spanked by the Knicks the other night, although it didn’t really seem that way. J Sandpaper went 2 of 10 from the line, which I can assuredly say that I can do better than. The Hawks were 17 of 32 from the line as a team (10 of 20 against the Nets on the 2nd.) That is going to have to improve, especially in the playoffs, where close games usually happen (unless they are played in Boston.) Just so you know, Hawks are 2nd to last (Magic) in free throw percentage. Who would have thought that Hawks would one day actually be significant, and free throws would be holding us down?

Injuries: As mentioned earlier, Yi is out. Eight year man Stromile Swift (LSU) has been out since mid December with ankle/family problems. If Al Horford was playing, it would be a preview of the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge game, as he would be going against Brook Lopez. But it’s expected that Horford is still out til next week. Also, don’t think Speedy Claxton is gonna be wearing shorts tonight.

On to Joe Johnson making the All-Star team for the third straight year…great job by Joe, going three straight years. His stats don’t seem as good as year’s past but they are about the same as last season. He has been having a bad January though, under 17 ppg this month, while averaging at least 22 each previous month. I think this quote can sum up how the Hawks have been playing lately:

“We’re going to keep getting our [expletives] kicked if we play like this,” Joe Johnson said. “We’re playing like [expletive] right now. Plain and simple.”

Let’s guess the expletives. Notice in the first sentence he uses expletives (plural). So multiple expletives back to back. Either way he is pissed off. Looking at the Hawks, we are extremely inconstant, including Joe at some points. But if they can get their heads on straight and just play .500 ball the rest of the year, they should be in good shape. Hopefully Joe’s comments spark the team. The Nets are extremely beatable and the Hawks have to be pissed off enough to win tonight and it will be interesting to see how they play.

Back to Joe, he should definitely be an All Star, as the 4th best team in the conference should have a representative on the team. He has this season and next season left on his contract and the Hawks would be wise to lock him up. I didn’t do any research on why we should lock him up, but just looking at our recent history, just having an all star on our team for three straight years is very unusual and we should try to continue that by re signing Joe when the time comes. Obviously there is money issues involved, but Joe is a guy that has been our best player who has lead us from 13 wins to the playoffs. There is a Newsday article talking about how Johnson would be a good fit to re-unite with Coach D’Antoni. That actually makes a lot of sense and we can all hope it does not happen. Anyways, go Joe.

“It’s a huge accomplishment and honor,” Johnson said. “And not only for me, but for the entire organization. It’s a tribute to my teammates and the coaching staff, because without them it’s not even possible.”

Etc, Etc: Marvin Williams maybe on the trading block, reported by Chad Forde in his “Trade Watch.” It reads that is a “15 percent” chance of trade. I think Marvin has a lot of talent. We see bits and pieces of the incredible talent from night to night. But the Hawks do need something to shake things up and I would not be opposed to a trade if the right deal came along. Thanks to Hoopinion for pointing out the article.

Also, I just trade Sandpaper away in fantasy, along with Tyson Chandler, for Jamal Crawford, Stotts Era HOFer Stephen Jackson, and Mike Miller, so we’ll see how that works out.

Joe Johnson finally trying to get respect

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

I promise this blog will soon be more than just random videos…