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Game 5 Live Twitter!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Go Hawks! Live Twitter feed of @StottsEra

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    Game 81: Heat at Hawks

    Monday, April 13th, 2009

    Before we start the first game preview in about a month, check out Terry Stotts page over on Basketball Reference.  Yeah c’mon!

    Game: Hawks (46-34 – Won 3 (Home: 30-10)) vs Kings(42-38 – Won 1 (Road: 15-25))
    Date: April 14, 2009
    Where: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
    TV: Fox SportsSouth Channel 48 on Atlanta Comcast
    Odds: Updated Tuesday
    Last Games: Hawks 122 Pacers 118 on 4/10 in Atlanta
    Heat 122 Knicks 105 on 4/12 in Miami

    Last Match up: Hawks 91 Heat 83 on 2/27/09 in Atlanta.  This is the 4th meeting between the teams this season, with the Hawks holding the edge, 2-1.

    Key Heat:

    Stat Player AVG
    Scoring Dwyane Wade (Marquette)
    Rebounds Udonis Haslem (Florida)
    Assists Dwyane Wade 7.5
    FG% Udonis Haslem 51.8
    FT% Michael Beasley (Kansas State)
    3PT% Daequan Cook (Ohio State)
    Blocks Dwyane Wade 1.3
    Steals Dwyane Wade 2.2

    Heat Update: We know the Heat will be our first round opponent in the playoffs, which will start this Saturday or Sunday at Philips Arena.   D-Wade, probably the third best player in the Association, went off for a career best 55 Sunday against New York.   You can check out the recap from the game, or what I’d like to call it, the AP Dwayne Wade Love Fest, here.   So he scored 55 against the New York Knicks, who at this point are playing for ping pong balls.  I guess he’s ready for the playoffs.  In terms of other Heat, we know Haslem is out for the rest of the regular season with a thumb problem.   Also, Jermaine O’Neal left Sunday’s game early and Jamrio Moon did not play.  We gotta remember that the playoff spots are locked up for both the Heat and the Hawks so who knows if those players actually could not play.

    Not sure what to think of this game.  We need to keep some guys on the bench and get them some rest.  As nice as it would be to get a W going into the series against the Heat, I think rest is a little more important.  I think both teams will be thinking that, giving the advantage to whoever has the better, deeper bench, which is never the Hawks.

    Hawks/Heat: MA’s Outsider Info. As Always, Hijacking EA Sports Flavor: If it’s in the game, It’s in the game

    Friday, February 27th, 2009

    As our boys limp home from a predictable, yet nonetheless despicable West Coast death March, they find themselves a mere game up in the loss column for the four seed, and 1st Round home-court advantage, in the East.  Tonight that margin with either double or disappear entirely as The Highlight Factory and the Hawks play host to Miami.  Tonight’s action will be the third of four meetings this year, with the Hawks coming away victorious in their first visit to South Beach, but proceeded to only hang a franchise-low 27 points on the Heat in the first half of meeting # two en route to a 95-79 corporal punishment (I know, 27 tallies in 24 minutes sounds brutal, but they did go 4-5 on FGs to end the half, could have been a lot worse). This will be the first time the Hawks get to see Jermaine O’Neal in a Heat Uniform, and that brings us to tonight’s keys.

    1. Although his scoring has dropped precipitously, O’Neal’s ambidextrous post repertoire might demand a double team, so it is imperative to find him early and deny him his spot on the low block.  If the Hawks are forced to double, the Heat are decent at swinging the orange and locating the open man for an uncontested triple.  If the Heat hit 7 or more threes tonight, Atlanta is in trouble.

    2. Cherish The Rock.  Mario Chalmer’s Marv Levyesque spider monkey arms could cause problems for an under the weather Bibby. In a related story, I wish Woody would ban Josh from any and all backcourt dribbling.

    3. Mediums on the Boards. The Hawks need a combined 22+ rebounds from our starting Mediums(Joe, Josh, and Marvin).

    4. No Philanthropy Toward D-Wade.  After the Billups parade to the charity stripe a couple of nights ago, the Hawks desperately need to keep Wade off the line.  The guy is gonna get his anyway.  He’s got more shake moves than a U-Haul in Tehran, more range than an ICBM, more handles than a schizophrenic trucker, he can hang more points on cats than a porcupine’s orgy, Atlanta can’t allow him to get in rhythm cheaply.

    5. Finally, and most importantly, our Hawks with win if…….Zaza doesn’t commit an illegal screen.

    Go get em’ Hawks, Time to get back on track.

    Additional Comments from Hawks v Heat Game

    Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

    I was not watching the Heat game during the first half, but my buddy (we’ll call him MA for now) did have the decency to call me and tell me how Stotts Era-esque the Hawks were playing. Here are some additional texts I got during the 2nd half:

    hicks: Dude hawks look awful
    MA: Let gardner or west come in and jack up some threes
    hicks: When does al come back?
    MA: (speaking of Josh) He learned his jumper from Niekro. Kunckeballs. Im changing his name to flypaper.
    hicks: Al or zaza or solo come on!
    MA: If they ever make another weekend at bernies Woody could win an oscar
    hicks: Yeah how bout let’s get joe invloved we can come back I like moe evans on wade flip has been a spark though
    hicks: We need to move for another bench player before trade deadline
    hicks: Don’t u have to go with bibby at some point
    hicks: J sandpaper!!

    Records Set in Hawks vs. Heat game

    Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

    The Atlanta Hawks went about 13 and a half  minutes without a field goal in the first half against the Miami Heat.  This was also with Heat guard Dwayne Wade on the bench with foul trouble.  Hawks looked very lazy on offense and players were standing around, playing a lot of one on one basketball.   During this stretch the Hawks committed 10 turnovers and missed 13 straight field goals.  The Hawks were also rejected more times than I can say Dikembe Mutumbo.  On a historical note the Hawks had a season and franchise record in this game of 27 points in the first half.  The Hawks shot 8 for 26 in the first half, and Miami set a franchise record for themselves of fewest allowed field goals made in a half.

    Atlanta seems to have this problem every so often in my opinion.  I do not know whether we went out in South Beach the night before, but the entire team looked sluggish.   This is a game you must win, especially against a division rival.  Although the Hawks are missing Big Al Horford, the Heat were without Shawn “The Matrix” Marion and first round selection Michael Beasley in the second half.  Hopefully the Hawks will fair better in there upcoming matchup against the New York Knicks.  This reunites the Hawks again with former teamate Al Harrington who was traded this season from the Golden State Warriors to the New York Knicks in exchange for Jamal Crawford.  Mike Woodson has referred to Harrington when he was on the Hawks as our “ROCK”.