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The Cast

The Suits
Terry Stotts
Mike Woodson
Billy Knight
Pete Babcock
Rick Sund
Lon Kruger
Steve Belkin
The Atlanta Spirit Group
Larry Drew and David Fitzdale – used to get smashed in my restaurant
Dominique Wilkins

The Players
Al Horford
Joe Johnson
Josh Smith
Mike Bibby
Marvin Williams
Zaza Pachulia
Flip Murray
Mo Evans
Mario West
Solomon Jones
Jason Terry
Rasheed Wallace
Boris Diaw
Acie Law IV
Glenn Robinson
Stephen Jackson
Bobby Sura
Antione Walker
Josh Childress
J.R. Rider
Hanno Mottola
Priest Lauderdale
Sheldon Williams
Salim Stoudamire
Tyron Lue
Speedy Claxton
Royal Ivey – He was Mario West before we even knew Mario West
Alan Henderson
Dion Glover
Nazr Mohammed
Theo Ratliff
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Dikembe Mutombo
DerMarr Johnson
Ira Newble
Jacque Vaughn
Dan Dickau
Kevin Willis
Jeremy Richardson – great 10 day contract guy
Anthony Johnson
Chris Crawford
Greg “Cadillac” Andersen