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Hawks Destroy Hornets In Preseason Action 108-102

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

The Atlanta Hawks kicked off their preseason schedule with bang on Wednesday night at Philips Arena.  Usually I could careless about the preseason, but I am absolutely pumped about this year.   The Hawks made noise in the offseason by resigning veterans Mike Bibby, Marvin Williams,  and Zaza PachuliaRick Sund made an incredible move by trading anemic Speedy Claxton and Acie Law IV to the Golden State Warriors.  I love Acie Law IV, but hope he does poorly in a way to prove Woody is a good coach.  The Hawks acquired Jamal Crawford in this trade, which is an absolute steal.  Crawford could start on half the teams in the nba and he is a prolific scorer, who can take over a game at anytime.     Sund also did not mess up in the draft, when he selected Jeff Teague from Wake Forest University.  Teague was a great selection and will prove to be a serviceable backup to veteran Mike Bibby.  He has the potential to be a star in this league.  The Hawks also signed veterans Jason Collins and Joe Smith.  The Hawks have lacked veteran dept on their rosters in the past and this will result in more wins for the Hawks.  Al Horford was asked about if he liked more bigs being in camp and he said it was a relief to have more than 3 bigs in camp.  The Hawks now have Al Horford, ZA ZA Pachulia, Joe Smith, Jason Collins, and Randolph Morris as their bigs.

This is the best Hawks team probably since the Steve Smith and Mookie Blaylock days, which dates back to 98-99.  The Hawks have been the laughing stock of the NBA during this ten year period.  Last year marked the first winning season since the 98-99 season (strike shortened season).  Atlanta has the potential this year to challenge the big three of the eastern conference.  My prediction this year is the Hawks finish 51-31 and reach the Eastern Conference finals.   The Hawks are not the only team to strengthen their roster, but they will have a better season this year.  This team likes playing together and they will beat more teams this year.  On a side note you heard it here first the Cleveland Cavs will digress, with the Shaquille O’Neal acqusition.  If only Shaquille O’Neal could get Robin Lopez to join the Cleveland Cavs so that he could really ham it up.  This team will have a lot of wins in the regular season, but will lose in the playoffs.  Shaq, Lebron, Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao (New Robin Lopez), and of course Delonte West Hamming up!! The NBA is FANTASTIC!!