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Archive for August, 2009

Stotts Era Legends: JR Rider

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Thanks to @langwhitaker for the tip – JR Rider is possibly signing with an ABA team.  His agent says they “hope to get it done,” meaning an agreement between Rider and the representatives at the North Texas Fresh.  I didn’t even know there still was an ABA, but apparently there is a league as well as an Atlanta franchise. And apparently from the Wikipedia page, the Atlanta Vision “in the 2006-07 season, finished 15-7, good for first place in the Barnes-Malone division over Tim Hardaway’s Florida Pit Bulls.”  Wow.  Good luck to JR.  He acknowledged me when i had about 10th row center court seats one time years ago, I’m thinking one of the first years of Philips.

Update:  Just noticed the Atlanta Vision only had one home game last year.  No wonder no one’s heard of them.

Schedule released, Orlando on Thanksgiving

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The schedule was released a couple days ago and the game that looks most appetizing is the defending eastern conference champions on Thanksgiving in Atlanta.  I couldn’t think of a better way to give thanks then to go down to Philips Arena for this Southeastern Division tilt.  Seven times of national TV!   I was predicting 5 and I thought that was high.  Tough west coast trip starting at the 3rd game that actually ends in Charlotte.  Weird.

Hawks and Marvin still have not officially gotten a deal done.  But we’re close.  I really didn’t think Marvin would end up anywhere else in this economy, but its nice to see we are doing more than just letting him take the qualifying offer.

I’m too lazy to truly finish this post, but check out Jeff Schultz blog on the topic of signing Joe to an extension.  I don’t know how much I like Joe, but the fact that this is even a rumor gives me confidence in Hawks management.  On the record, I do not think we sign Joe to any kind of extension this off-season.

Update!:  Hawks play the Heat in Jacksonville, FL (where I currently live) in the preseason.  I’m betting I see the Hawks in action before any of you.

Josh Childress’s team

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

The Knicks and Clippers have both been rumored this off-season of having interest in Allen Iverson, but the news today is that J-Chill’s current club, Olimpiakos, is interested in signing AI.  Their offer apparently is 2 years, 1o million, which would probably be around the same number as AI will get in the Association.  One thing I cannot imagine is AI taking less money to play over there then J-Chill is making (which I believe is about 20 million over 3 years.)  I think it would be much more fun to see AI over there than Childress.

Joe Smith is still considering the Hawks (as well as the Cavs,) says Hoopsworld.   I don’t dislike this more the Hawks, but I don’t like it.  I think I just have a very pessimistic attitude when it comes to veterans coming to play for Atlanta.  In the past few year 8+ year vets that play 10-15 per game for the Hawks usually have their “leadership & toughness” outweighed by their displeasure of being on the end of the bench of a 45 loss team.  Maybe if we come out and win more than we lost, guys like Joe Smith will be happier, therefore play better.

The Hawks have an off-season grade of A, as ProBasketballNews grades the Southeast division’s Summer moves.  With this quote, “The Hawks moved closer to the East’s elite and further from the middle of the pack.”  I kind of think we have stood pat after all our moves, rather than moving up or down.  That really does not make sense after we got Crawford and Teague and only lost the IV and Craig.  Oh well.

Mr. Candace Parker

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Sheldon Williams is getting some ink these days, as he signed a one year contract (Boston Globe) with the Celtics for the Veterans minimum (1.306 million).  Sheldon is now on his 4th team in the NBA (in 3 years).  I wanted to get some Sheldon reaction to the deal, but apparently he is too busy twittering and I surely will not go through all that nonsense about the LA Sparks to see if I can find some word about his new deal.  Seriously, I know how athletes are big into Twitter and all, but @SheldonWilliams is ridiculous.  Hell of a player fr a #5 pick, thanks Billy Knight.

Offseason Chatters

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Pro Basketball has the Hawks at 11th in their August 1st Power Rankings.  This was about where we hovered around last season in most rankings.  The one team that has made a huge jump since last year and that is also in our division is the Wizards.  I also think the Wizards are going to be much more tough this year and may jump us in the standings.  The Wizards/Hawks match ups will be a lot more fun to watch, at the very least.  The site also mentions that Jamal Crawford, Joe and Bibby is “perhaps most potent backcourt in the league.”  I’d like to see if that turns out to be true, as it seems Bibby is declining.  Crawford in my mind is 50/50 whether he comes out ballin’ or not.  From radio interviews, etc, it seems like he is pumped to be in Atlanta, though.

Al Horford is going to China to participate in the Basketball Without Borders program, so says The Raw Feed.  Al was also chilling out with his old Florida mates yesterday, according to Billy Donovan on Twitter.

Hoopsworld is talking about free agents still remaining, including Flip Murray, who looks like he is going to his home in Philadelphia.  They also mention Joe Smith “giving strong consideration to the Atlanta Hawks.”  The blog also mentions that former Hawks, Mr. Candace Parker, was a possibly replacement for Lamar Odom in LA.  That is funny.

The Bucks waived Salim Stoudamire, reports Inside Hoops.  Why couldn’t he ever be an NBA sharpshooter?  A guess with a 2nd round pick you get what you get…

Hopefully more later…..