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I don’t know who this is

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Ron Murray 30 point games

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

There has been two: 11/18/03 and last night. Thanks for making a uninteresting night at the Highlight Factory somewhat bearable, Flip. Also, the Hawks starting lineup on 11/18/03 was Shareef Abdul-Raheem, Jason Terry, Dion Glover, Stephen Jackson, and Theo Ratliff.

Also, since I don’t feel like typing much else right now, here is a scan of Billy Knight’s business card he gave me when I ran into him at my restaurant last year.

Terry Stotts in the building last night (photoblog)

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Nice win by the Hawks last night to go 7-0 on the homestand.

For real we love some Philips arena.

Anyways Mavs coach Rick Carlisle got thrown out for arguing with the refs.

Although Woody wasn’t too happy with them either

So who is up next after Rick Carlisle?  The one and only Terry Stotts

Even TO was pleased

Hawks & Queens at the Highlight Factory

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Game: Hawks (39-28 – Won 5 (Home: 25-7)) vs Kings(14-52 – Lost 3 (Road: 4-29))
Date: March 17th, 2009
Where: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
TV: Fox SportsSouth Channel 48 on Atlanta Comcast
Odds: Hawks -12, O/U 202
Last Games: Hawks 98 Blazers 80 on 2/15 in Atlanta
Wizards 106 Kings 104 on 2/15 in DC

Last Matchup: Hawks 105 Kings 100 on 2/18/09 in Sacramento

Key Kings:

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Beno Udrih 10.9
Rebounds Spencer Hawes (Washington)
Assists Beno Udrih (Slovenia)
FG% Jason Thompson (Rider)
FT% Kevin Martin (Western Carolina)
3PT% Kevin Martin 42.7
Blocks Spencer Hawes 1.3
Steals Beno Udrih 1.2

Kings Update: You know there is something wrong when your leading scorer is named ‘Beno’ and is barely cracking double digits in points.  (I think Keven Martin isn’t listed as the leader in points because he has not played enough minutes, but why does he lead in the percentage categories?)  Seriously, this is a team that just lost a battle of the worsts the other day in DC.  At least they are the best at being the worst.  We have to give them some credit, they did only lost to us by 5 thanks to Bibby playing in his old home and wanting to go off on them.  The other K-Mart put 30 on the Hawks.  Tonight may be a good night to put a hand in his face.  The Queens have lost 4 of their last 5 while scoring 100 in 4 of those games.  While the Hawks have been playing good defense, tonight may be a night for the over.  Says Spencer Hawes:

“We definitely don’t want to be labeled as the worst team.  There is still a lot to play for. We still have a lot to prove.”

I don’t get this.  If you are the worst team at least you lead the league in something (losses) and get the most poing pong balls in the lottery.  Another thing that bodes well for the Hawks is Bobby Jackson (Minnesota) is out fixing his face.

Hawks Update: Surely you’re aware the Hawks are winners of 5 in a row and are breathing slightly, slightly, slightly more easier in the 4th seed in East position.  If we win tonight: a) it will be the most games over .500 we have been all year; b) It will be our first 40 win season since 1997-98; c) it will matgch our longest winning streak of the season (we’ve done 6 in a row twice so far.)  Also, J-J-J-Joe Johnson will be going for his 5th 30 point game in a row.  The Hawks are actually playing nice D as well, giving up under 85 the past 5 games.

Update: What a great day:

Hawks Beat Blazers 98-80, Win Fifth Straight

Monday, March 16th, 2009

The Highlight Factory was on fire yesterday as the Hawks destroyed the Blazers.  I was actually in attendance for this game and I enjoyed every bit of it.  When I walked into historic Philips Arena I was greeted with a Hawks Head Band/Wrist Bands, and a read to achieve notebook, which I have already used twice today.   This package was supposed to be for kids 14 and under, but I was lucky and the greeter either thought me and my friends were indeed 14 years old or she didn’t care.  I am going to go with she probably didn’t care.   I am definitely going to wear my Hawks Head Band,  when I play on Wednesday night.  My friends and I went into the Hawks store shortly after that and I bought my first Hawks hat since I was young.  I am pretty jacked about the hat and will wear it religiously.

Back to the game the Hawks played one of their best games defensively that I have seen all year.  We really forced Brandon Roy to try and beat us.  This is a good strategy against good teams and I think when the Hawks play the Lakers next they need to try to make Kobe beat them.  I have to give credit to my colleague Chris Campana for this strategy, but it is definitely true.  The star of the  game was Josh Smith.  Smith had 18 points and 8 rebounds, and really showed his presence on the defensive end.  Josh is finally buying into Hawks basketball, and  is only going to get better.  He still shoots jump shots with his feet touching the 3 point line, but he is starting to drive to the hole more.  Josh is at his best when he penetrates to the hole or when he drives and kicks to an open shooter.  Joe Johnson had is 4th consecutive 30 point game and is playing like the all-star selection he was awarded.  Hawks are also 11-1 when Mo Evans starts, does that mean anything?  I do not know if it does or not, but it’s got to mean something.  Maybe when Marvin comes back the Hawks should let Marvin be a spark off the bench for the rest of the season.   Look for a Queens preview tomorrow from my main man Penguis. Out!!

Marvin Williams Update and other thoughts

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

First of all:

The Hawks have no immediate timetable for Williams, who missed his third straight game. A third-year veteran who has benefited from more aggressive play and an accurate jumper this season, Williams was examined in Durham, N.C., on Wednesday, but coach Woodson indicated the tests were inconclusive. “I think more than anything he’s going to have to rest and then do core work,” Woodson said. “That’s what I’m hearing.”

What does this mean? Well who cares the Hawks are undefeated with Mo Evans in the starting lineup and Joe Johnson who has turned on the scoring in Marvin’s absence. I really hope we get a fully healthy Marvin back as soon as possible but the birds are looking good right now with streak busting wins against the Pistons, Hornets and Jazz as well as an easy W over the Pacers. I’m gonna give the gold star for these wins to Mr. Joe Johnson. I’ve been sore on him and Smooth lately and I have to give them both credit but especially to Johnson. Thirty points in 3 straight games is nothing to sneeze at and we should praise Joe. This is what a team captain needs to do. When the Hawks have been stuck in this .500ish funk since about New Years its nice to see the superstar taking over, making up for Marvin, and most importantly, making sure there is a one more number in the win column at the end of the day.

Josh Smith….what can you say. He definitely looks better lately. 10 & 5 Friday, 22 & 12 vs the Jazz, 13 & 13 vs the Hornets, and 19& 12 vs the Pistons. Rebounds are fun, eh Josh? That looks good but what is not fun is the field goal and free throw percentages (43% & 67% respectively). That free throw percentage is actually better than his season average and he’s kinda looked good at the line lately but that comes with a price. Ya see, Smooth makes a few free throws and he gains way too much confidence and thinks he now has permission to shoot as many way too far away jumpers as he wants. So that’s bad. But ya know, hustling and getting boards and missing jumpers is better than just missing jumpers so I’ll take it.

Miami is on our heels. I don’t know how but they are. Dwayne Wade is utterly sick if you’ve seen the highlights of the past week (if there is actually voting, Dwayne and Joe should be 1-2 in player of the week). Really I’m glad for Wade, ’cause as the Kobe fan that I am I think maybe Wade can steal some MVP votes from Bron-Bron and the MVP can go to the true best player and MVP in the league Kobe f’n Bryant. Anyways, Miami is on our heels and the tough wins we are getting right now our nice. Honestly, if you told me we would go 2 and 1 vs Detroit, New Orleans and Utah this home stand I would have taken it, but instead we are 3 and 0 and look like a team to contend with. As of right now our Hollinger Odds are 100%. Uhh, that’s pretty good.

All this comes with Bibby in a slump. He hasn’t really recovered since landing with the flu on the west coast swing a few weeks ago (some of us think he got real real drunk partying with old friends in Sacramento – have I told you about the Kings of the early ’00s? Peja, Hedo, Vlade, Pollard, Christie, Bibby. It looked like a holocaust survivors all star team. And the best thing was Adelman always rocked that Hitler stache. Anyways, we digress). It’s nice to be getting some W’s without Bibby clicking but it sure would be even better with him getting more than 2 points and 2 dimes like he did vs Utah on Wednesday.

Marvin Williams – he went to Duke to see a back specialist? Shouldn’t he have gone to Chapel Hill? I really don’t know what to think about this. We are really good without Marvin playing this year, I don’t know how to check the stats but I think we are undefeated. Again, I don’t have the stats to back this up but the Hawks seem to play well with one member of their core five out for the past few years. I can’t explain it but ya know what, who cares? Wins are wins. I could analyze more but we’ll save that for losses and savor the wins. Block party vs the Jail Blazers Sunday (man, I wish they still had Zach Randolph – check this out Clippers video from the other day, makes you glad we’re not bad). We got beat by them a coupla weeks ago, but I think the Hawks played well. Really, not a lot of teams beat the Blazers in the Rose Garden and we looked better than I expected. Hopefully I’ll see you at Phillips on Sunday, I’ll be the one with the JT jersey.

FYI: Former NBDLer Thomas Gardner and Josh McRoberts (for the Pacers) both recorded 1.74 trillions on Friday night. Thats a lot of 0’s, but only victory cigar action for Woodson’s crew.

Hawks Stop Jazz win streak at 12

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Unbelievable win by the Hawks last night.  The Hawks won 100-93 and stopped the Utah Jazz streak at 12.  I have to say I though the Jazz would of been too much especially with the performance we gave at their place a few weeks ago.  The Hawks came to play though with Joe Johnson leading the team with 31 points and 9assists.  Joe has really stepped it up on this current home stand.  I have to say that the first two weeks after the all-star break Joe looked tired.  It seemed as if he had Rosie O’donnell tied to his shoes.   Starting on Monday, Joe looks like an all-star and is playing like he is one of the best players in the league.

He will have to continue to do that because starting forward Marvin Williams may be out for the season.  Marvin went up to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina to see a back specialist.   He saw the specialist yesterday and we are waiting to get word on what the Doctor’s prognosis is.  We can only hope that Marvin will be back in a few weeks or sooner.  Losing Marvin would be a huge blow, but it looks like the team is prepared to for the worst-case scenario.

Players just have to step up.  A case and point was Josh Smith last night at the Highlight Factory.  I have been dogging Smith the past two months, but the benching Woodsen gave him at the Charlotte game turned out to be a good move.  Josh is playing with a lot of fire and actually seems like he cares.  My good friend Tyler Wakefield who I was talking on phone during game last night said, “Look at Josh dude he actually seems like he cares.”  I saw the same thing last night and I hope we see more of that to come.  Josh Smith is not a jump shooter and as soon as he realizes that the better.  He has taken the ball to the rack on offense and he is crashing the boards.  This is where J-Smooth is at his best.  Other players that I am impressed with are Acie Law IV, Flip Murray, ZA ZA, and Mario West.  Mario West gave us 17 minutes against the Jazz last night.  If Mario can give us just even 10 minutes a game, and the Hawks win we are going to be pretty Damm tough to beat.

Finally, lets hope and pray that Marvin is going to be alright regardless if he plays this season or not.  Back injuries are very serious and I hope that his is just something minor.  I have not decided yet, but I am thinking about going to the Highlight Factory for the Trail Blazers game.  The game is this Sunday at 1pm.  Honestly I wish ABC would have stepped it up and picked up this game.  They could of made it a 3:30 nationally televised game.  Come on ABC give the Hawks a little bit of credit I am sure the avid basketball fans like myself are tired of seeing LA, Boston, Phoenix, and Cleveland’s every Sunday.  What about even a Warriors game? They are pretty damm exciting to watch especially with my boy Monta Ellis being back.  Alright as Jim Rome would say, PEACE I AM OUT!!

Facebook, Twitter, and nice win last night

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

in an attempt to get more readers to Stotts Era you’d think we would try to post more often, with higher quality.  Instead we are resorting to making goofy facebook pages as well as twitter.  First of all, here is our facebook link.  Go there now and be our friend.  Second of all, here is our twitter page.  If you don’t know what twitter is I’m not gonna explain it.  But I think it will be a way to get more Stotts Era content to you, in smaller, more hilarious bursts.  I lot of it will be random NBA content as well.  You can see the twitter widget on the sidebar here to the right and I am gonna put it in this post in case we are all too lazy to post for a while. Here it is, for now, in this post:

    follow me on Twitter

    Third of all, I have no clue how the Hawks win except we did hold the Jazz to no field goals for over 5 minutes at the end of the game tonight.  Huge.

    Awesome pic with caption

    Monday, March 9th, 2009

    here. Also nice win tonight.

    3D OR D3 Dennis Scott Is A Character

    Monday, March 9th, 2009

    I have been absent the past few weeks because of a lot of different circumstance, however I am back.  Just got back from a bachelor party and I can barely breathe or complete a sentence.  Please bare with me.  As I have said before Dennis Scott is a radio analyist for 790 zone and announces Hawks games with play by play man Steve Holeman.  Most of you probably do not listen to Hawks games on the radio, but I sometimes do.  Steve Holeman is an unbelievable announcer, and yes I am biased.  My parents used to have season tickets in the late eighties through the mid ninties.  My dad is the kind of person who likes to leave early fourth quarter to miss the traffic.

    Needless to say Steve Holeman is a smash in my opinion and his voice has been a lasting impression for years.  However 3D needs a lot of work.  I remember when he was on the ESPN show the next Sportscenter anchor.  Actually it was called something else, but I am too lazy to look it up.  When he was on the ESPN show he was absolutely brutal and he still is.  I am actually a big 3D guy cause I used to be a Georgia Tech basketball fanatic.  The guy was one of the best pure shooters in Tech history.  He needs a lot of work in the booth.  Please look at this attached video of him and ZA ZA.  3D is a host of a show called Shooters Paradise.