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Season Over

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Oh well, I am gonna try to post something in terms of a season ending recap but for now here is some stuff I stole from other sites.

From Elias Sports Bureau: The Cavaliers beat the Hawks by 20 points in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series, marking the fourth time in the 2009 playoffs that Atlanta has lost by 20 or more points. That sets a new NBA record for most 20-point losses in a single postseason.

From The Association:   “Anyway, the only other thing I got from this series is Mike Woodson’s “who just farted?” face. Call me crazy but if your coach looks confused, panicked and annoyed AT THE SAME TIME… well I’m not feeling too confident.”


MA Presents: The Plateau Realization

Friday, May 8th, 2009

We should have seen this coming. We did see this coming. And now, we see it going past us.

Once again, the Cavs came out and did what the Cavs do, and our Hawks had nothing to say about it. Yeah we got outplayed. But that’s not what hurts. What breaks my heart is to see us that out-classed. They have too many well-rounded ballers, they are just a superior squad. And it’s not just King James. Twice in two games now, the Cavs have stretched out leads early in the second quarter while Lebron hams it up from the bench. Call Mo Williams and Delonte West the Atlanta Spirit cause they own the Hawks too.

In each year of Woody’s tenure, our Hawks have won more games than they did the year before. We took the NBA champs to seven last year and beat a legitimate NBA superstar in the first round this year (yes, Joe, that is what one looks like). But this team, as presently constituted, doesn’t have a chance in hell of ever sniffing a Conference Finals, let alone an NBA title. I hope J-Chill is enjoying Greece and I kinda wish J-Smoove was enjoying Memphis. Going into this series, I was adamant about re-signing Bibby, but not now. For now, I have seen the light. Yeah, this team, without any major adjustments, would be a fixture in the playoffs for the next five years, but never a title threat. No amount of tinkering, tweaking, or tweeting (Josh Smith straight-up for Charlie Villanueva?) will suffice. This team needs a major overhaul. I’m more bracketologist than capoligist, but we don’t sound like we are going to be major players in that bananas 2010 free agent market.

It is a sad realization, fellow Hawks fans, that the wooly mammoth gestation period calling itself the Hawks rebuilding process must begin anew. Normally, I can deal with mediocrity (go to my Facebook page and look at my exes). But not with my Hawks, I’ve been down that road before. Give me championship realities or lottery dreams cause I have no stomach for perennial second-round playoff exits.

What brings me to the brink of tears is to see my team permanently on the brink. All our key guys have holes. Take Joe Johnson. Watching him this series, it finally dawned on me, he’s not a 2 guard, he’s not a shooting guard, he’s an OFF guard. When you hear the phrase deceptive athletic ability, usually it’s complimentary, but not with Joe. He has reverse deceptive athletic ability. Joe is in the lower third of the league in terms of athletic ability at the shooting guard spot (although rapidly rising if the Magic keep starting Redick). His game has more fifty-year-old white dude at the Y wearing REC-SPECS with a button your fly sweatshirt trying to get you to play triangle-in-two in it than it does LeBron or Kobe or D-Wade.

Then there’s Bibby. I’ve seen leaf-eating, tree-dwelling, three-toed amazonian creatures with more lateral quickness.

On to Mr Williams. Marvin drives with all the grace and stability of a gymnast with an inner-ear infection diving into the shallow end of a centrifuge. Either that or there is an inordinate amount of invisible banana peels when he tries to take it to the rack.

And it sucks that we have to play Horford out of position. I haven’t felt that bad for a guy being that undersized since I saw that YouTube clip of Sean Hannity’s amateur porn.

I owe all you folks an apology for being so high on Acie Law. I don’t know what I was thinking (I was high).

That brings us to Josh Smith. Just look to your opponents for inspiration. If J-Smoove turned into Ben Wallace we would be a lot better off. In this series J-Smoove has once again turned into J-Anything But. Stop taking jumpers (but coach I was open, yes Josh and you will continue to be) stop trying to bring the ball up and work on your free throws. Josh Smith reminds me of Jeff Francoeur. When they play well, they look like world beaters, but when they miss, its by a country mile. I was doing a little research into the etymological roots of the name J-Smoove and the best I can tell, it comes from the latin word smoofthvius which loosely translated means “where three on one fast breaks go to die.” I’ve seen schizophrenic truckers with more handles. But I digress.

Looking forward, I’m forced to look back. As a part of my childhood was taken from me every time Nique’s Hawks got eliminated early, I learned how hollow the 3,4,5, and 6 seeds could be. Those who forget the past aren’t doomed to repeat it, Nay, son, They are groomed to defeat it. Unless you are happy with 45 wins and zero rings, the time is now to stockpile picks and cap space. We are still five players from a championship or one LeBron. This team will never get there, but the talking heads will always call them a team on the come. Blueballs in your court Atlanta Spirit.

Dear Woody, If you are going to get run out of the building could we at least run. A 145-125 loss would be a lot more palatable than 105-85. If Horford can’t go, can we please start Josh at center and then four guards. Channel Nolan Richardson(or at the very least Doug Moe) and press full-court with Bibby, Joe, Flip, Gardner, and Mr. Smoofthvius. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I know we won’t win the series but if it is any consolation, your goatee’s girth puts Mike Brown to shame.

Miami or Philly?

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Check out Stotts Era’s thought on who the Hawks would rather play, over on the official Hawks BasketBlog.

Your Atlanta Hawks Clinch 4th Seed in East

Friday, April 10th, 2009

I gotta say I am pleasantly surprised.  There is no way I thought we would have this many wins this season and finish this high in the east.

Then again, I feel like we are over achieving and under achieving at the same time

i mean, if we had a decent coach and with the talent we have we could have 5 or so more wins

but i’m shocked we have won this much with woodson

the thing is we’ll probably get to the 2nd round of the playoffs, win our home games, and everything will seem fantastic but we are just gonna be stuck in this rut of not being in the big 3 of eastern conference teams. we need woodson gone. and an owner would help.

Oh well, I’m gonna enhoy it while we have it.  Maybe we can sneak a road win or 2 in the playoffs.

Ron Murray 30 point games

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

There has been two: 11/18/03 and last night. Thanks for making a uninteresting night at the Highlight Factory somewhat bearable, Flip. Also, the Hawks starting lineup on 11/18/03 was Shareef Abdul-Raheem, Jason Terry, Dion Glover, Stephen Jackson, and Theo Ratliff.

Also, since I don’t feel like typing much else right now, here is a scan of Billy Knight’s business card he gave me when I ran into him at my restaurant last year.

Marvin Williams Update and other thoughts

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

First of all:

The Hawks have no immediate timetable for Williams, who missed his third straight game. A third-year veteran who has benefited from more aggressive play and an accurate jumper this season, Williams was examined in Durham, N.C., on Wednesday, but coach Woodson indicated the tests were inconclusive. “I think more than anything he’s going to have to rest and then do core work,” Woodson said. “That’s what I’m hearing.”

What does this mean? Well who cares the Hawks are undefeated with Mo Evans in the starting lineup and Joe Johnson who has turned on the scoring in Marvin’s absence. I really hope we get a fully healthy Marvin back as soon as possible but the birds are looking good right now with streak busting wins against the Pistons, Hornets and Jazz as well as an easy W over the Pacers. I’m gonna give the gold star for these wins to Mr. Joe Johnson. I’ve been sore on him and Smooth lately and I have to give them both credit but especially to Johnson. Thirty points in 3 straight games is nothing to sneeze at and we should praise Joe. This is what a team captain needs to do. When the Hawks have been stuck in this .500ish funk since about New Years its nice to see the superstar taking over, making up for Marvin, and most importantly, making sure there is a one more number in the win column at the end of the day.

Josh Smith….what can you say. He definitely looks better lately. 10 & 5 Friday, 22 & 12 vs the Jazz, 13 & 13 vs the Hornets, and 19& 12 vs the Pistons. Rebounds are fun, eh Josh? That looks good but what is not fun is the field goal and free throw percentages (43% & 67% respectively). That free throw percentage is actually better than his season average and he’s kinda looked good at the line lately but that comes with a price. Ya see, Smooth makes a few free throws and he gains way too much confidence and thinks he now has permission to shoot as many way too far away jumpers as he wants. So that’s bad. But ya know, hustling and getting boards and missing jumpers is better than just missing jumpers so I’ll take it.

Miami is on our heels. I don’t know how but they are. Dwayne Wade is utterly sick if you’ve seen the highlights of the past week (if there is actually voting, Dwayne and Joe should be 1-2 in player of the week). Really I’m glad for Wade, ’cause as the Kobe fan that I am I think maybe Wade can steal some MVP votes from Bron-Bron and the MVP can go to the true best player and MVP in the league Kobe f’n Bryant. Anyways, Miami is on our heels and the tough wins we are getting right now our nice. Honestly, if you told me we would go 2 and 1 vs Detroit, New Orleans and Utah this home stand I would have taken it, but instead we are 3 and 0 and look like a team to contend with. As of right now our Hollinger Odds are 100%. Uhh, that’s pretty good.

All this comes with Bibby in a slump. He hasn’t really recovered since landing with the flu on the west coast swing a few weeks ago (some of us think he got real real drunk partying with old friends in Sacramento – have I told you about the Kings of the early ’00s? Peja, Hedo, Vlade, Pollard, Christie, Bibby. It looked like a holocaust survivors all star team. And the best thing was Adelman always rocked that Hitler stache. Anyways, we digress). It’s nice to be getting some W’s without Bibby clicking but it sure would be even better with him getting more than 2 points and 2 dimes like he did vs Utah on Wednesday.

Marvin Williams – he went to Duke to see a back specialist? Shouldn’t he have gone to Chapel Hill? I really don’t know what to think about this. We are really good without Marvin playing this year, I don’t know how to check the stats but I think we are undefeated. Again, I don’t have the stats to back this up but the Hawks seem to play well with one member of their core five out for the past few years. I can’t explain it but ya know what, who cares? Wins are wins. I could analyze more but we’ll save that for losses and savor the wins. Block party vs the Jail Blazers Sunday (man, I wish they still had Zach Randolph – check this out Clippers video from the other day, makes you glad we’re not bad). We got beat by them a coupla weeks ago, but I think the Hawks played well. Really, not a lot of teams beat the Blazers in the Rose Garden and we looked better than I expected. Hopefully I’ll see you at Phillips on Sunday, I’ll be the one with the JT jersey.

FYI: Former NBDLer Thomas Gardner and Josh McRoberts (for the Pacers) both recorded 1.74 trillions on Friday night. Thats a lot of 0’s, but only victory cigar action for Woodson’s crew.

Hawks vs Cavs in Pictures

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Packed house tonight

Even This Kid Made It

As Well As Bill Murray

All to see one of these guys…

So we tried to keep Bron Bron locked tight

Can you tell if it worked or not?

We all know Solo is happy about the Hawks keeping Lebron in check, right?

I think we know what he was looking at

Back to the game, the Powers that Be talk it over

The starting five seems real interested…

I think you can tell by ‘Nique’s face how it turned out tonight…

Bron Bron beats Hawks Video

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

About the 1:12 point in the video, the guy jumping up and down to the left of the goal is me. More Later.

Random Facts

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Hawks are 8-0 when Al Horford records a double double.

And I tried to find a correlation between Bibby and Joe combined points and Hawks record, but it’s just not there.  If there is some trend that you think has to be true, let me know and I’ll check it for you.

What a freakin idiot

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

There has never been any player that has made me so sad to be a fan of my team

and this pic was also on the wire….