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Playoffs Game 2 vs Heat Preview

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Game: Hawks (1-0, Home 1-0) vs Heat (0-1, Road 0-1), Round 1, Game 2
Date: April 22, 2009 – 8:00 PM
Where: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
TV: Fox SportsSouth Channel 48 on Atlanta Comcast, and TNT Channel 41 on Atlanta Comcast
Odds: Hawks -5, O/U 184
Last Games: Hawks 90 Heat 64 on 4/19 in Atlanta

Probable Starters, Hawks (Game 1 stats): Marvin Williams (17 min, 10 pts, 2 rbs), Josh Smith (38 min, 23 pts, 10 rbs), Al Horford (34 min, 14 pts, 9 rbs), Joe Johnson(37 min, 15 pts, 5 rbs), Mike Bibby (32 min, 10 pts, 9 asts)

Probable Starters, Heat: James Jones (34 min, 9 pts, 4 rbs), Udonis Haslem (25 min, 6 pts, 5 rbs), Jermaine O’Neal (22 min, 5 pts, 2 rbs), Dwayne Wade (40 min, 19 pts, 5 rbs, 5 asts), Mario Chalmers (34 min, 8 pts, 3 rbs)

Injuries: Hawks: Acie Law IV (back, day to day) Heat: Luther Head (hand, out)

Analysis: The Hawks should probably stick to whatever game plan they had on Sunday.  Really this team can beat any (especially at home) in the NBA when they come out with the fight and tenacity they did Sunday.  The Heat are really no match for them.  Now, if they come out lazy and complacent, that will really be no good.  And a win tonight would be real nice, especially since the Heat fans are planning to Black Out American Airlines Arena for Game 3.

Game 81: Heat at Hawks

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Before we start the first game preview in about a month, check out Terry Stotts page over on Basketball Reference.  Yeah c’mon!

Game: Hawks (46-34 – Won 3 (Home: 30-10)) vs Kings(42-38 – Won 1 (Road: 15-25))
Date: April 14, 2009
Where: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
TV: Fox SportsSouth Channel 48 on Atlanta Comcast
Odds: Updated Tuesday
Last Games: Hawks 122 Pacers 118 on 4/10 in Atlanta
Heat 122 Knicks 105 on 4/12 in Miami

Last Match up: Hawks 91 Heat 83 on 2/27/09 in Atlanta.  This is the 4th meeting between the teams this season, with the Hawks holding the edge, 2-1.

Key Heat:

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Dwyane Wade (Marquette)
Rebounds Udonis Haslem (Florida)
Assists Dwyane Wade 7.5
FG% Udonis Haslem 51.8
FT% Michael Beasley (Kansas State)
3PT% Daequan Cook (Ohio State)
Blocks Dwyane Wade 1.3
Steals Dwyane Wade 2.2

Heat Update: We know the Heat will be our first round opponent in the playoffs, which will start this Saturday or Sunday at Philips Arena.   D-Wade, probably the third best player in the Association, went off for a career best 55 Sunday against New York.   You can check out the recap from the game, or what I’d like to call it, the AP Dwayne Wade Love Fest, here.   So he scored 55 against the New York Knicks, who at this point are playing for ping pong balls.  I guess he’s ready for the playoffs.  In terms of other Heat, we know Haslem is out for the rest of the regular season with a thumb problem.   Also, Jermaine O’Neal left Sunday’s game early and Jamrio Moon did not play.  We gotta remember that the playoff spots are locked up for both the Heat and the Hawks so who knows if those players actually could not play.

Not sure what to think of this game.  We need to keep some guys on the bench and get them some rest.  As nice as it would be to get a W going into the series against the Heat, I think rest is a little more important.  I think both teams will be thinking that, giving the advantage to whoever has the better, deeper bench, which is never the Hawks.

Hawks & Queens at the Highlight Factory

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Game: Hawks (39-28 – Won 5 (Home: 25-7)) vs Kings(14-52 – Lost 3 (Road: 4-29))
Date: March 17th, 2009
Where: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
TV: Fox SportsSouth Channel 48 on Atlanta Comcast
Odds: Hawks -12, O/U 202
Last Games: Hawks 98 Blazers 80 on 2/15 in Atlanta
Wizards 106 Kings 104 on 2/15 in DC

Last Matchup: Hawks 105 Kings 100 on 2/18/09 in Sacramento

Key Kings:

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Beno Udrih 10.9
Rebounds Spencer Hawes (Washington)
Assists Beno Udrih (Slovenia)
FG% Jason Thompson (Rider)
FT% Kevin Martin (Western Carolina)
3PT% Kevin Martin 42.7
Blocks Spencer Hawes 1.3
Steals Beno Udrih 1.2

Kings Update: You know there is something wrong when your leading scorer is named ‘Beno’ and is barely cracking double digits in points.  (I think Keven Martin isn’t listed as the leader in points because he has not played enough minutes, but why does he lead in the percentage categories?)  Seriously, this is a team that just lost a battle of the worsts the other day in DC.  At least they are the best at being the worst.  We have to give them some credit, they did only lost to us by 5 thanks to Bibby playing in his old home and wanting to go off on them.  The other K-Mart put 30 on the Hawks.  Tonight may be a good night to put a hand in his face.  The Queens have lost 4 of their last 5 while scoring 100 in 4 of those games.  While the Hawks have been playing good defense, tonight may be a night for the over.  Says Spencer Hawes:

“We definitely don’t want to be labeled as the worst team.  There is still a lot to play for. We still have a lot to prove.”

I don’t get this.  If you are the worst team at least you lead the league in something (losses) and get the most poing pong balls in the lottery.  Another thing that bodes well for the Hawks is Bobby Jackson (Minnesota) is out fixing his face.

Hawks Update: Surely you’re aware the Hawks are winners of 5 in a row and are breathing slightly, slightly, slightly more easier in the 4th seed in East position.  If we win tonight: a) it will be the most games over .500 we have been all year; b) It will be our first 40 win season since 1997-98; c) it will matgch our longest winning streak of the season (we’ve done 6 in a row twice so far.)  Also, J-J-J-Joe Johnson will be going for his 5th 30 point game in a row.  The Hawks are actually playing nice D as well, giving up under 85 the past 5 games.

Update: What a great day:

Should I do a game preview?

Friday, March 6th, 2009

We are playing the Bobcats in Charlotte and we’re 2 1/2 point dogs.  We’ve also lost 5 of 7.  We’re 3-0 against the Cats this year and there’s no reason why we can’t win one more.  Except the only two guys on the squad who are playing like the want the 4th seed are Marvin and Al.  I can deal with Joe and Bibby being off (Bibby needs a good game one of these days…) but we’re all sick of J Sandpaper’s lackadaisical attitude.

Also: On this day 16 years ago Ma Ma Ma Ma Mookie Blaylock had 23 helpers for a franchise record vs. Utah.

Tonight: An Old Friend

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Our Rock – I’ve never seen such a big sweat stain on a NBA player’s jersey

More later hopefully….

Hawks/Heat: MA’s Outsider Info. As Always, Hijacking EA Sports Flavor: If it’s in the game, It’s in the game

Friday, February 27th, 2009

As our boys limp home from a predictable, yet nonetheless despicable West Coast death March, they find themselves a mere game up in the loss column for the four seed, and 1st Round home-court advantage, in the East.  Tonight that margin with either double or disappear entirely as The Highlight Factory and the Hawks play host to Miami.  Tonight’s action will be the third of four meetings this year, with the Hawks coming away victorious in their first visit to South Beach, but proceeded to only hang a franchise-low 27 points on the Heat in the first half of meeting # two en route to a 95-79 corporal punishment (I know, 27 tallies in 24 minutes sounds brutal, but they did go 4-5 on FGs to end the half, could have been a lot worse). This will be the first time the Hawks get to see Jermaine O’Neal in a Heat Uniform, and that brings us to tonight’s keys.

1. Although his scoring has dropped precipitously, O’Neal’s ambidextrous post repertoire might demand a double team, so it is imperative to find him early and deny him his spot on the low block.  If the Hawks are forced to double, the Heat are decent at swinging the orange and locating the open man for an uncontested triple.  If the Heat hit 7 or more threes tonight, Atlanta is in trouble.

2. Cherish The Rock.  Mario Chalmer’s Marv Levyesque spider monkey arms could cause problems for an under the weather Bibby. In a related story, I wish Woody would ban Josh from any and all backcourt dribbling.

3. Mediums on the Boards. The Hawks need a combined 22+ rebounds from our starting Mediums(Joe, Josh, and Marvin).

4. No Philanthropy Toward D-Wade.  After the Billups parade to the charity stripe a couple of nights ago, the Hawks desperately need to keep Wade off the line.  The guy is gonna get his anyway.  He’s got more shake moves than a U-Haul in Tehran, more range than an ICBM, more handles than a schizophrenic trucker, he can hang more points on cats than a porcupine’s orgy, Atlanta can’t allow him to get in rhythm cheaply.

5. Finally, and most importantly, our Hawks with win if…….Zaza doesn’t commit an illegal screen.

Go get em’ Hawks, Time to get back on track.

Wednesday: Hawks and Nuggets

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Game: Hawks (32-24 – Lost 2 (Road: 13-18)) at Nuggets (37-20 – Lost 3 (Home: 20-7))
Date: February 25th, 2009, 9:00 PM
Where: Pepsi Center, Denver, CO
TV: SportsSouth Channel 53 on Atlanta Comcast
Odds: Nuggets -8, O/U 203.5
Last Games:  Jazz 108 Hawks 89 on 2/23 in Salt Lake City
Celtics 114 Nuggets 76 on 2/23 in Denver

Last Matchup: Hawks 109 Nuggets 91 on 12/29/08 in Atlanta

Key Nuggets:

Scoring Chauncey Billups (Colorado)
Rebounds Nene Hilario (Brazil)
Assists Chauncey Billups 6.0
FG% Nene Hilario 60.9
FT% Chauncey Billups 90.3
3PT% Chauncey Billups 39.5
Blocks Chris Andersen (Blinn College)
Steals Kenyon Martin (Cincinatti)

Thuggets Update: The Nuggets are reeling after 3 straight losses by an average of just over 19 points (including a 36 point pasting by Boston on Monday at home.)  The will be without Nene, who has an injury.  They were also without Nene in the game earlier this season in Atlanta against the Hawks, in which the Hawks cruised to an 18 point victory.  Because of these facts the Nugs will probably win tonight, and when a team is pissed off and actually intent on getting a W, the Hawks never win acting as those type of opponents.

Hawks Update:  J Sandpaper was not suspended but wont play as he is attending to a personal matter.  I would say that is good for us, but unfortunately Zaza isnt much, and Randolph Morris will probably get way too much PT.  After thinking about it, I like Denver -8, and the over.  But don’t be surprised if the Hawks has some Josh Smithless fight in them tonight.

Hawks and Jazz Tonight

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Update: The last time we beat the Jazz in Utah the starters were Kevin Willis, Mookie, ‘Nique, stacey augman, and duane ferrel.  And Speedy Claxton was injured

We are gonna lose tonight.  We are playing away against a team that doesn’t mess around and lose to teams it is definitely better than.  We are 7 and a half point dogs.  The game is on SportsSouth Channel 53 on Comcast and NBA TV at 9 eastern.  I’ll still watch.

Preview: Hawks and JailBlazers

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Gonna be pretty lazy about this today

Game: Hawks (32-22 – Won 1) at Trailblazers (33-20 – Won 1)
Date: February 20th, 2009, 10:00 PM
Where: Rose Garden, Portland, OR
TV: SportsSouth Channel 53 on Atlanta Comcast
Odds: Blazers – 4.5, O/U 192.5

Last Games
: Hawks 105 Kings 100 on 2/18 in Sacramento
Blazers 94 Grizzlies 90 on 2/18 in Portland

Last Matchup: Blazers 94 Hawks 93 1/27/08 in Portland. Portland has won the past 3 overall.

Key Blazers:

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Brandon Roy (Washington)
Rebounds Joel Przybilla (Minnesota)
Assists Brandon Roy 5.1
FG% LaMarcus Aldridge (Texas)
FT% Rudy Fernandez (Spain)
3PT% Steve Blake (Maryland)
Blocks Greg Oden (Ohio State)
Steals Brandon Roy 1.1

Game Info: Oden is out which is nice for the Hawks. Everything I’ve read about Flip Murray dates back to earlier this week when it said he will be back today. Should be a good game tonight, unless we play like we have the past 2 games.

And finally, I found this when I google image searched “joe przybilla hawks”

Yesterday is done, but tonight!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

former hawks are fun

more coming later today…